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Education > College EducationQuick Resume Writing Tips: Evaluating Your Resume

Posted by nick_niesen in Education on November 2nd Salvador Perez Jersey , 2010

Putting together a resume is not an easy feat, and many job seekers are so relieved to be done with this arduous task that they can鎶?wait to be done with it. Recall though, that your resume is a marketing tool and is the first impression an employer gets of you. A great resume will entice an employer to invite you in for a personal interview Mike Moustakas Jersey , while a fair to average resume will get pushed aside and ignored. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make your resume as strong as possible.

To help you in this task, review your resume against the following resume writing quick tips. These guidelines will help you evaluate your resume and identify those areas that may need more work.

- Overall Resume Review:

Is your resume well laid out? Is it pleasing to the eye?

Is your resume less than one page if you are a student or new to the workforce? Is it less than three pages if you are an experienced professional?

Have you chosen legible fonts throughout your resume or do the fonts detract from the context of the resume?

Have you used spell check andor dictionary to ensure that there are no spelling errors?

Has someone else (outside of yourself) read your resume for grammatical errors?

Does your resume use proper English?

Is your resume memorable? Does it stand out in a crowd (but in a positive way)?

Is your resume tailored to the type of position you are seeking?

How do you come across when your resume is read? What will an employee think of you?

Are you pleased with your resume? Does it do a good job of telling an employer who you are and why you are a good candidate?

- Introduction:

Do you have your name Alex Gordon Jersey , address, and contact information clearly displayed at the top of your resume?

- Objective (if included):

Did you limit your objective to just one or two short sentences?

Is your objective clear and concise? Or is it ambiguous?

Is your objective focused? Does it make sense given the position you are targeting?

- Education:

If you have a college degree, have you placed the details of your Education at the top of your resume? If you do not have a degree Alcides Escobar Jersey , have you placed the Education section after your Professional Experience?

Is it clear from your resume that you have obtained a college degree, if you graduated?

If you did not graduate, is it clear that you do not yet have a degree?

Are details of your college major and minors (if applicable) included in the Education section?

- Professional Experience:

Is your work experience presented logically (either by date or by subject area)?

Have you limited your work experience to no more than 4-5 previous positions?

Have you accounted for any gaps in your work history that an employer might question?

Do the name of the company Yordano Ventura Jersey , your job title, and dates of employment for each position stand out for easy identification?

Does each position support the resume and your objective?

Could an employer quickly scanning your professional experience easily identify a number of key words and action verbs that will identify you as a solid candidate?

Have you limited the information in each position to those that are the most relevant to the position to which you are applying?

Does your experience seem to flow together or is there a lot of jumping around between positions, companies Bo Jackson Jersey , and industries?

If you worked for a lesser known employer, is each company鎶?business and industry clear from the company鎶?name? Have you supplied a quick identifier for each lesser known employer?

Is your professional experience accurately and honestly conveyed?

- Skills:

Are the skills you have listed relevant to the position to which you are applying?

Do the skills listed accurately convey your experience and knowledge in each area?

- Other Sections:

Do any other sections included in your resume enhance your presentation? Are they relevant to the position to which you are applying?

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