[PoE 3.2 Hierophant Build] Fortify 1.8 Million Shaper DPS Hierophant Build from mmotony's blog

This build relies on a lot of cheap unique items, most on the endgame very best in slot items cost close to nothing.
Can inflict map mod and clear all in the content. Many people will have used this build and taken down all guardians, shaper and uber Atziri deathless. The only thing it can't do is usually a hall in the grandmasters.
Quad totem includes a drop and move playstyle and enables you to loot even though the POE Currency Totems eliminate the things spawning from boxes or Abyss cracks. Melee DPS numbers are simply just active while that you are attacking, but I that way totems keep damaging even when positioning and doing other things
Words cannot describe the amount of smoother four Totems feel over 2. I rush it my first goal also community . does cause me to feel considerably squishier ever since then I don't obtain the big ES boost from Sanctuary of Thought until uber lab
+ Fortify
+ 10k+ ES
+ 43% Chance to block
+ Guardian evade chance: 53% base, 77% with blind and 84% with blind and jade flask
+ 5% ES regenerated per second + faster ES recharge rate you need to time
+ 4 Distracting totems wind up taking most in the damage anyway
+ Ignite and shock immunity
+ safer, more block, is able to keep a distance from danger
+ Nice being competent to drop something for the edge with the screen without exceeding there yourself
+ 10-20% more ES then scion
+ Can run any map mod, the only stuff that slow it down are temp chains or Elemental Focus Support reflect
+ Totems keep killing as you loot or dodge a telegraphed attack
- Needs uber lab done to acquire a chunk of the ES
- Less damage
- Unevadable hazards in Minotaur plus a few with the elder guardians is riskier with recharge then leech
The deterministic entropy system of block/evasion in Poe won't allow one to 'get unlucky' with several hits, you happen to be guaranteed a certain volume of recovery time as soon as they score a run for ones ES recharge to trigger.
Creator: WaffleT

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By mmotony
Added Feb 11


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