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Building Tempered Glass is actually a type of prestressed a glass. In order to increase the strength of the magnifying glaas, chemical or physical methods tend to be used to form compressive stress around the surface of the magnifying glaas. When the glass is suffering from external force, the outside stress is first balanced out, thereby improving the bearing capacity and improving this glass resistance. Pull power. The main advantages of tempered glass are not one but two. The first is the fact that strength is several times over that of ordinary cup, the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of regular glass, and the influence strength is 5 that will 10 times that of ordinary glass, which boosts the strength. Security. Safety people is the second major advantage of physical tempered glass. Its increased load carrying volume improves the fragile characteristics. Even if the tempered glass breaks down, it will show smaller fragments without sharp sides, and the damage to the skin is greatly reduced. The quenching and heat resistance of tempered glass is 2 to 3 times higher than this of ordinary glass. Normally, it can withstand temperature changes of in excess of 150C, which has apparent effects on preventing energy cracking.

Semi-tempered glass can also be called Heat Strengthened tempered Laminated Glass. It is a sort of between ordinary flat a glass and tempered glass. They have the characteristics of large strength of tempered magnifying glaas. At the same time frame, it avoids the flatness of tempered glass as well as being easy to self-explosion. Disadvantages for instance overall crushing. When this semi-tempered glass breaks, it truly is radially radial cracked along side crack source, and generally you don't have tangential crack propagation, and so the whole can not remain collapsed following the damage. Semi-tempered glass works for curtain wall as well as exterior window in buildings. It can be produced into semi-tempered coated cup with image distortion a lot better than tempered glass. However, it should be listed that semi-tempered glass is not contained in the safety glass range. While it is broken, there are still sharp fragments that could injure people and can't be used in skylights along with occasions where human influence may occur. The floor compressive stress of semi-tempered glass is between 24MPa plus 69Mpa, and the surface force of tempered glass need to be greater than 69MPa. The production process associated with semi-tempered glass is like that of tempered magnifying glaas. The wind pressure is just different in the quenching trail station, and the resistance in order to quenching and heat is a lot less than that of tempered glass.

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